Covid-19 Response

Freeland CDJR is open and taking precautions during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thank you for trusting Freeland with your safety and wellbeing during this difficult time! To show you just how seriously we are taking this COVID-19 pandemic, we’d like to let you in on the steps we’re taking to keep our guests and employees safe and healthy!

  1. Prevention. We are following all preventative guidelines provided by the CDC in regards to hand-washing and face touching. Our employees are aware of the seriousness of this outbreak and understand their role in preventing the spread of germs.
  2. Sanitation. We will thoroughly disinfect the touchpoints of ALL vehicles as well as all high touch surfaces throughout our dealership. That means that one of our employees will be responsible for wiping down the key fob, dashboard, seats, and more before you make any contact with a vehicle.
  3. Operations. We have remained open for business and are here to serve you during this difficult time. We can provide NEW/USED sales entirely online and our service center has developed practices that limit human interaction, including use of our early bird/late night drop box and vehicle delivery options.
  4. Vehicle Delivery. As mentioned above, we are offering vehicle delivery up to 100 miles for both service and sales requests. Please give us a call to learn more about how we are going above and beyond to serve you!
  5. Employee Health. Our team members are aware of the seriousness of this pandemic and have been prohibited from reporting to work without self-quarantine and a doctor’s note if they have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient, traveled to an area deemed “high impact” by the CDC, or have recently taken a cruise.

Unfortunately, this also means we can’t shake hands after doing business with you. But a celebratory “air” high-five or fist bump is a must! We’re all in this together!

We will continue to update our response to this pandemic as needed, and promise to keep you informed about any additional steps we take going forward.